Some of the services we provide are

Coach day trips

Whether your group likes Rangers, Cowboys, or Stars games, Speck can get you there in style and comfort without sacrificing quality or safety. Whatever your destination, and when your group wishes to get away for the day, Speck has the right mini coach or motor coach to get you there first class. Motor coaches will be based on a five hour minimum, and mini coaches will be based on a four hour minimum. When the budget becomes the biggest challenge for our clients, school buses with drivers can be a much better suited alternative when you group does not need restrooms and luxuries. When your group of any size needs to travel somewhere for a few hours or an entire day, go with Speck!

Tours & itineraries

If you have a group that would like to go on a tour of the Presidential George Bush Library at SMU, a tour of homes, or just to view the Christmas lights in Highland Park, Speck will offer you expert advice in adjusting your itinerary for maximum fun and pleasure. We love to see you laugh and smile! No matter if you have senior adults wishing to tour the city of Branson, or a traveling choir going on a multistate tour, we have got you covered. When we assist you in creating, developing, and finalizing your detailed itinerary, our processes place safety in the highest regard by keeping drivers legally within their hours.

School trip ideas

As a band director, booster club president, coach, athletic director, or school administrator, you have your hands full with so many issues that you should not have to become a transportation expert. Here are six surefire strategies to help you survive and enjoy your next trip when you rent a coach with a driver!

1. Prepare a finalized and detailed itinerary for the driver no later than 10-14 days prior to the pickup date. 2. Review and discuss the carrier rules and regulations with your group leaders prior to the pickup date. 3. Have your group ready to load and pack the coach when it arrives on the pickup date. See the other surefire strategies here:

Customer service

In our 25 year of serving clients, we have seen too many group transportation decision makers end up with a less than professional agent or broker endangering lives in their organization.

We would never want this to happen to you. We want to be your “Transportation Guru for Life.” It make perfect sense, you don’t want to change your family physician every time you get sick. Why should a transportation consultant be any different?

We are designing our business so that we will be there for you, your family, your friends, and anyone else you care about, delivering above and beyond your expectations. Give us 5% of your confidence and we will earn the other 95%. Our top three goals in providing world class service with the maximum positive outcome each time are:

When you place your trust and the lives of your group in our expert hands, we not only want to offer you world class service with every experience, but to earn your business as a lifetime client and valued friend.

You and your group are extremely important, and you will be appreciated in our words, actions, and in all situations where you interact with us. What kind of guarantee or recourse do you have with travel agents or event management companies? NONE! They are experts at handling airfare, lodging, ski trips, and cruises, but not ground transportation!

How to reserve

No matter what type of vehicle you need to transport your group on the ground, we have access to it through the multiple fleets we independently represent nationwide.

Reserving vehicles through Speck has been greatly simplified by the implementation of our convenient passenger van rental and motor coach rental request forms. These will be available upon request and offer our clients the opportunity to clearly think through their proposed initial mock itinerary. This makes your job easier because you get quicker response, highly accurate quotations, and the highest and best use of your time!

Here are 5.5 common sense factors you must provide to receive accurate ground transportation quotes and reserve your vehicles faster and with zero headaches:

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Speck Transportation - Mansfield Texas

I Guarantee It 200%! If we place you with any supplier in our network, and you are unhappy for any reason, and if I am unable to successfully negotiate a result that you are not completely happy with, I will gladly refund my fee for service back to you or your organization. I will then reserve your next ground transportation requirement as a courtesy and have my fee for service removed from the transaction. Craig Speck